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    An event makes you drop something a little less hard than normal...not that you can drop something there isn't in the server...wtf?
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    Hi here we are in the forum first of all sorry for my english ^^ As we were saying there are a couple of suggestions to improve the game experience..... for me the exp it's too slow im starting to lose the will to play cause exping it's too hard i had everything from vip to seal or pendant and im still at 795.... ok i didnt exp for the last 4 days but cmon its too much.... the /offlevel must be better. How is possibile to die in a place that when your online its easy to stay I leave room to other players for more suggestions, have a nice day^^
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    Regular - 25x Master - 15x (very easy after 770 since doors to DD is open) Mastery - 30x (In future level will be extended to 1000 from 920) Those are my final settings. Will be enabled tonight. There will be some issues with experience % showing near experience bar. It will be fixed in short terms i hope. So wait for updates. In next few days also awaits some client update, where party master able to summon hes party and other Season 13 feature fixes. Keep in mind that Referral goal will increase.
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    Yes 25x 30x would be probably nice about recruit a friend it is nice, but not critical, so increase the level a lot, or just remove it (I understand you are worried about abuser, but increase the lvl will just solve the problem) Ps: as said before I think xp should be higher, but I also think that some opinion here must be more polite.
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    Funny see the the reaction? lol You are the admin, you can't do it like this. Btw is not " now everyone ask to change exp", we asked that 2 weeks ago, and you said yes. Today in game you said no, and now again yes.
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    In first time..sorry for spamming on the game. All the players think that the game is really funny to play events, pvp and other things...we want spend our time for playing and not for exping..we are exping from 3 months and we haven't max level char..we are going crazy..our request is to have more exp..more exp enhancement at least please..only this. With all the buff (Vip, talisman of ascension, panda pet, panda ring, master seal of wealth, master seal of ascension) we are exping only 1 level for every day. Thank for your attention
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    Yes. This event is still working.
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    i think that this is a good idea. I want to say that i prefer a faster exp and a more difficult drop..becouse it's not really funny to exp a char for so many months but for me it's funny to have a max level char and play many events against other guilds. This is only possibile if the events are really competitive..becouse for example..RAZR kills the Selupan in 18 seconds..seriously..where is the competion? it's only a race against the time, Another example? CS event is the best event in the MU..and yesterday we were a guild against 2 or 3 players..this is strange..why? Becouse LOT it's not important..becouse a player can drop ancient by almost all the events (Selupan, medusa, chaos castle, Kundun, Lord, etc) . For me the server needs to have more exp and more competitions in the events.
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    Hello, After a while playing here we collect some opinions and I want to list them here, and I hope that our concern will take in consideration: - Kanturu Event: The drop is miserable. Kanturu event was formerly the best pvp event ever, now only few player do the event (if they remember about it) TCA is a good drop with a low drop rate, and it should stay so. But ancients are worthless. Furthermore the Hands and Balgass are weak and get shot. It would be awesome if the kanturu event will be reconsidered for more pvp and fun . - Medusa: The drop of medusa is also miserable, and it's annoying for all her companions. And cause of the drop and her annoying companions Medusa is a boss, which noone consider.s. I m not complaining about the companions, but about the drop, if the drop would be better, would be a nice boss to do and also PVP! Furthermore Medusa doesn't give wcoin anymore - Crywolf event: Dark elfs only drop zen. I think that's enough to say. The event is only balgass, and he's only one... -Double Goer - no one does it. - Selupan: the drop is actually good, but maybe seeds or something more interesting would be better. Once you do selupan 3 or 4 times, you have all the weapon you need... The server is turning on a PVM Server, everyone exp, go to ferea for symbols hunt, do evomon etc. These stuffs are great, but where is PVP? With a reconsideration of the bosses and events maybe there would PVP too. Please people, write your feedback in this post!
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    thank you so much ^^
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    That's perfect, thank you
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    That should be because SM would be OP. By the way I totally agree with the post. Just about a couple of points I'd like to say something: Kantur USED to be top. Exactly like crywolf. They are season 4 events, that is meant to be done by 400 lvl people. Those events now belong to the past exactly like Golden Invasion: who in the world would need exc weaker than 380? Just specific characters. BUT since seed have been included, this made golden invasion competitive, this led to PvP, this made people move from the spot. What I, and maybe steffo and Reddy too, are asking for is a real motivation for everyone to move out of spot. Something like those seed, something that would lead to a PvP.
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    I agree with you on many points. my opinion: regarding pvp, I believe it is not the fault of the confg. of the server, because if it increases even more the drop% of the items, soon those items will not be worth NOTHING! the tca drop, etc ... is a good idea. I do not even waste my time going after boss, because when killing a boss and getting a fixed time for my country the server is always restarted at good times to other countries, I'm not saying that this is on purpose but it's very strange . The server lost a lot of good players over time and a lot of our adm stubbornness (I hope I do not take this to the staff is just my opinion), I remember that in the beginning the first players asked to increase% success of ertel, cm, among other things and were simply ignored, and when they gave up the server everything they asked for was configured.
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    Mr kabamaru, we are talking about a change that took effect lately, AFTER the chenges you mention and that we are aware of. Pls read the forum more often so you know what are you talking about before you answer something not directed to you. ty
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    This game doesnt give the bless of light. Yesterday i did 3 times the points between 250 - 400 and i won 2 kalima maps and 1 map for acheron.