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  1. [Maintenance] 22.03.2018 12:00 Server Time

    Servers Maintenance ends in 12:10
  2. [Maintenance] 22.03.2018 12:00 Server Time

    Is someone will have issues with IGC.dll file via Windows Defender - add it in exception will Microsoft white list. Launcher will always download it so if such problems shows up, thats normal. Always keep Windows defender updated.
  3. [Maintenance] 22.03.2018 12:00 Server Time

    #1 Update - patch mirror after maintenance
  4. Dog Year 2018 Spawns all day in Lorencia, Noria, Elbland Time of Respawn = 2 minutes Green Puppy White Puppy Purple Puppy 1 Goblin Point 5 Per Map 1 WCoin 5 Per Map 1-5 Ruud 5 Per Map Dont understand this as source of something, its just random event when got nothing to do can go hunt.
  5. VIP Module and Bonus

    #4 UPDATE in Exp and Bronze VIP Price
  6. Unlocking Bonus Options UNLOCKING BONUS OPTIONS USEFULL HINTS Seed Items with mounted SeedSpheres gives us Seed Options which we can see near Ancient Options in Inventory.Seed Items can be only Regular or Excellent. They cannot have Harmony Option. We can get Seed Set option in following ways: In our gear we must put at least: A 1 Fire Seed 1 Water Seed 1 Ice Seed 1 Wind Seed 1 Earth Seed Set Option : Double chance of damage +3% increase B 1 Fire Seed 3 Water Seed 1 Ice Seed 3 Wind Seed 2 Earth Seed Set Option : Enemy defensive strength disregard attack +1% BONUS OPTIONS To increase options to your socket item, you may add two or more seed spheres. The option will be randomly given depending on the seed spheres and the order that you combine them. Success Rate in Relic Mu is changed to 90% Set Socket Option Wearing socket items may induce set socket option effects. Samples: source http://muonlinequestguide.blogspot.com/
  7. Hello Players. Tomorrow will be maintenance to improve server systems and game elements. All points written in this topic will be enabled tomorrow. There will be new patch. You will be allowed to download it via Launcher, but file exceed 90 mb, so i suggest to download it during maintenance from provided mirrors here in topic. They will be added when maintenance starts. Duration time of maintenance wont exceed one hour. Keep in mind that you have not much time to finish your Maze event. It will reset when servers will be up (will be fully enabled Maze event, added missing goals what were replaced with duplicates). Have a good evening and good luck on events! PATCH MIRROR 1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LVJWgVrtKC_vuh6uCnJ3heI5c3LbERNY PATCH MIRROR 2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f2KogzKknsVoEuecyx47prxgppUo3SmB Use patch when maintenance is over.
  8. [CHANGES] 3/22/2018

    #2 Update - Added last 3 points
  9. Buy wings mg lvl 3 luk for wcoin

    moved your topic to right section.
  10. Ring of Block

    in next update Wizards, summoners, magic gladiators damage will increase due fix in master skill tree - not working some of wiz increase skills.
  11. [EVENT] Mirror Maze

    Maze restart in March will be done on next maintenance, be ready. Reason is that will be enabled fully working maze with all goals.

    #1 UPDATE
  13. Ring of Block

    Same kind rings were dropping from medusa and Kundun 7 with 5% chances (had to drop, didnt check config, because of non reported of that its not working) Now will be new system, identical items are added in Lord Ferea and Nixie bosses Lower grade, regular accessories will drop in kalima7 up to level 4. but thats all after maintenance. Sorry for delay answer, had to deal with some updates.
  14. [EVENT] Nixie

    #1 UPDATE - added pvp rings and pendants
  15. [EVENT] Lord Ferea

    #2 UPDATE - Added pvp rings and pendants