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  1. [EVENT] Mirror Maze

    Maze restart in March will be done on next maintenance, be ready. Reason is that will be enabled fully working maze with all goals.

    #1 UPDATE
  3. Ring of Block

    Same kind rings were dropping from medusa and Kundun 7 with 5% chances (had to drop, didnt check config, because of non reported of that its not working) Now will be new system, identical items are added in Lord Ferea and Nixie bosses Lower grade, regular accessories will drop in kalima7 up to level 4. but thats all after maintenance. Sorry for delay answer, had to deal with some updates.
  4. [EVENT] Nixie

    #1 UPDATE - added pvp rings and pendants
  5. [EVENT] Lord Ferea

    #2 UPDATE - Added pvp rings and pendants
  6. [REWARD] Gens Reward, Ranks.

    1# UPDATE - changed gens rewards
  7. [EVENT] Muun System

    #1 UPDATE - works after next maintenance
  8. Ring of Block

    Its event.
  9. [CHANGES] 3/XX/2018

    #1 List Update
  10. Ring of Block

    They are from New Year event. There was chances to get excellent wrings with good option, by regular way cant get that high rings. Even in Kalima drop weaker ones.
  11. Ring of Block

    Hello. Those pvp rings and pendants dont want to drop on my set configurations. To make them drop i need maintenance, i will handle that on next one, right now i suggest to stop hunting them, it will take too much time.
  12. [EVENT] Kill GM Romeu

    #1 Relocation up to 4 spots, chance to drop 2 items.
  13. [EVENT] Event Times

    #5 GM Romeu time add
  14. Available Promo Codes

  15. [CHANGES] 3/XX/2018

    Updated Game Client version (new client obligated to download, possible via launcher or from mirror) Completed file configuration Element Imprint Removed stun effect from Breche and Magic Pin skills Fixed current exp rates display in client (bottom-left corner) Fixed Obsidian skill values are not displayed properly Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension monster level multiplier configuration not working properly (Experience and Zen Goals set back) Fixed selection of minor glitches for Labyrinth of Dimension event Fixed Elemental Option mix issues Fixed Kundun does not drop items in certain scenario Fixed selection of skills not working in Offline Levelling mode (mostly from skill tree enhanced skills) Fixed possible duration removal from item in certain scenario Fixed Guide Quest System not working properly for second and further character within account Fixed file configuration to avoid damage decrease due to stats limit (StatSpec.lua) Fixed Dark Horse drop in certain maps Fixed not working "Increases Wizardry" option for selected mastery weapons Fixed attack distance issue for Fire Blow Enhanced Fixed damage going to high in certain combination of Awakening items Fixed Jewel Mix issue where jewels could disappear rarely Fixed options values for selection of bound items Fixed file configuration to prevent possible exp bonus issues Improved Water Monster healing for Lord of Darkness battle Added new Muuns and updated Muun Exchange reward Extended Garuda Flame Drop to Swamp of Darkness map Deep Dungeon, Dark Swamp Corrections to Default states (earlier was without elemental imprint available fixes, that mean was calculated wrong monster def and damage, now have been provided full information about monster attributes - defense, damage) Seed Sphere Upgrade not 100% anymore due the Sphere adding in Box of Kundun Drop List. Removed High Gen Point Reward from reward list (bug, quest must be done once a day instead of unlimited times, what caused ranking problems for some people) Jewel Bingo Event Paused and saved for Easter Event! Muun Drop improvement Gens Ranking Reward improvement Jewel Rate reconfiguration - less creations more useful jewels.