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  1. RAZR Workshop

    This not my store! And i said contact me in game! With offer or w3
  2. RAZR Workshop

    I sell. finde me in game b1ch
  3. Hmmm strange I dont see problems in exping.
  4. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    I asked abaut that he was solo or not. And if im right that time i was with him so he wasnt kill it solo and that is other talk than! Ok offtopick started. Im off
  5. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    You really know he was solo selupan 18sec?
  6. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    No metter what day but stay time how it was! its my offer!
  7. Forum Event - Advertising

    7. https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/private-server-advertising/4412805-relic-mu-grang-opening-08-12-2017-s12e1-2-25x-30-no-resets-pre-s13.html#post36570945 8. https://darksteam.net/server-advertisements/23614-ad-relicmu-s12-ep1-exp-25x-drop-30p.html 9. http://www.lomcn.org/forum/showthread.php?98416-AD-Relic-Mu-GRANG-OPENING-08-12-2017-S12E1-2-25x-30-NO-RESETS-PRE-S13 10. https://www.mmoanons.ru/en
  8. Forum Event - Advertising

    6.Link : https://kenhgamez.com/relic-mu-grang-opening-08-12-2017-s12e1-2-25x-30-no-resets-pre-s13.t104306/ SS: https://gyazo.com/075fe5b19f4dd3bf5d15a97041a48c10
  9. Forum Event - Advertising

    5.Link : http://www.mu-servers.net/t86743-relic-mu-s12e1-2-25x-30 SS: https://gyazo.com/450fea4fadda1f6822ce21a8bf2e9bb5
  10. Forum Event - Advertising

    ING : B1ch 1.Link: http://tintucgame.net/showthread.php?116508-Relic-Mu-GRANG-OPENING-08-12-2017-S12E1-2-25x-30-NO-RESETS-PRE-S13.html SS: https://gyazo.com/1ad84b0cb18d7eec905b9299e42744f9 2.Link: http://www.muforall.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=2476#p2476 SS: https://gyazo.com/185279db52791df4a77a31efb432874c 3.Link: http://www.mu-online.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=1518#p1518 SS: https://gyazo.com/6b87450285ec11999875022eed0b133c 4.Link: https://www.mpcforum.pl/topic/1631843-relic-mu-grang-opening-08122017-s12e1-2-25x-30-no-resets-pre-s13/ SS: https://gyazo.com/62ea201814dcb79f50997fb94caf2c59