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  1. Castle Siege Event!

    I vote to make lot a little more special, but imo without exagerating to avoid too much difference between guild and avoid full guild farming there.
  2. [Season13] Season 13 Wing creation and Garuda Feather

    Just saw the video, you mentioned that lvl 3 wings +11+4 are enough for combination, I remember that wings at least +13 are needed for combination, in the video you use +15 wings. So i’m Asking we need +13 wings or +11 wings will be good? thx in advance.
  3. Yes 25x 30x would be probably nice about recruit a friend it is nice, but not critical, so increase the level a lot, or just remove it (I understand you are worried about abuser, but increase the lvl will just solve the problem) Ps: as said before I think xp should be higher, but I also think that some opinion here must be more polite.
  4. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    Probably skill formula is different and maybe energy affect decay damage more then meteor strike damage
  5. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    Faster xp will be nice, now is really a pain to level up. I exp a lot and I don’t mind if new player xp faster, really I do not understand why someone have to be jealous about what new player will get. Before we had like 4 evomon for book now is lower, we had exe drop with luck in ferea e nixie, now gone, so why only complain only about what new player get and not about what they lose? Things change we have to accept it. I’m ok if you decide to increase exp for everyone It will make the server much more enjoyable Abount not campetitive event, maybe a xp reward will be nice also increase some boss ho will probably help. about cs, you could simply increase xp in lot or increase % of drop of something in lot (eg. condor magical drop or something else or whatever) to make cs more interesting.
  6. Just one more thing, IMO wcoin ticket is a really good solution, because zen was the only way to solo some wcoin, an alternative way will be appreciated
  7. I read about the event it is nice, today I got home late, I will try it one of upcoming evening.
  8. I agree with anything but extra stat point, that will take imbalance between pvp and pvm character and in my opinion will make new player and guild that will come in condition to never catch up with actual strong guild and player (atm I’m guildend in one strong guild). By now imo the best way to make boss interesting is as you say wcoin/goblin point/ruud compensation, or item, the most interesting item in my opinion are high grade elemental and socket items. Thats my opinion, if most of the player think different I will accept it.
  9. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    Also Thursday is fine for me, no problem you can move my vote
  10. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    My vote is for Wednesday 21.00
  11. From yesterday I note some change and I do not know if their are intended or not. 1-Now in offlevel pg only pick up some jewel, no exe or ancient item. Is it possible to have back ancient/exe pickup? 2-As discussed a little in the chat yesterday most Ferea spot is bad (only the op hotspot is exstremely good), the xp is higher even in k1, Could you upgrade most of the spot from 4-5 to 7-8 mob (to have xp on par with lower map at least)? 3-Same thing said above happens also in nixie. 4- Back to s12 barracks had 4 good spot where farming and exp a little, from S13 spots disappeared, it was intended? Now the server in becaming more populated, in my opinion decresing spot made exping a pain
  12. [BOX] Elemental Capsule

    I try to diasassemble some erretel they give standar elemental powder
  13. Hi, First of all I do not remember the exact name, so topic title could be wrong but I’m talking about drops to make the untradable wings. What about to make the drops (only the drops, not pot or resulting wings) tradable (if possible)? I think that tradable drops will not break the game, but could improve the market. thanks in advance best regards
  14. [DROP] Mastery Item Drop Places

    Yes, luck seems to drop no more at all. Is it intended?
  15. Evomon

    When you kill the Golden one every party member get a reward, you will find a box in your K menu, you have to claim it and you will find the box on event inventory and you can drop it for reward sometimes happen that no box is given, but to me happens only one time
  16. MaximuS12 I don’t know if you cannot read or simply you don’t want to, but the post writer simply ask what conversion mark is. He already notice (and wrote) that the item is not good for ancient hero soul he probably was just courious about the mark. Once again you missed an opportunity to shut up
  17. Jewel drop rate

    Ok, many thanks
  18. Hi I know the drop rate of jewel has been decreased because of succes rate increasing and in my opinion is a good change, but the drop decreasing seems to strongly effect jewel of chaos drop that does not benefit of rate increasing and also are not buyable by GP, pickupable in offlevel (in low level map joc seems nearly undroppable). My suggestion is a joc drop rate increasing and/or joc on GB shop. PS: jewel of life drop rate seems the same as before % succes rate change, expecially in lower maps jol are the most common jewel. I try to write in the jewel % post but it is closed Best regards
  19. Jewel drop rate

    I try to hunt it in lower maps, but there mostly life are dropped, I’m able to drop chaos only in higher map atm.
  20. RF Damege question

    Ok, damage reduction for all fit all test, I have pretty low grade set so I only test pvp damage done that was pretty low, but ok sounds pretty good
  21. Hi. I'm not so expert in RF so I'm asking here. Is it normal that my VRF do less damage in single target than other classes with an AoE spell on the same target. Also in pvp I do no damage on a same level bk with black dragon set (I have bloodangel gloves also with S13 sk3 the hp difference between VRF and dps class is lower), with an ancient set things may go better but I do not know so I'm asking with a more offensive set (Bloodangel ancient or similar ) things goes better?
  22. General bugs/fixes

    I agree with you in every points. About wings combination the losing of the stone is a big pain, because before S13 i can try a fether with the same ancient item untill the succesfull combination, now every fail results in more then 1 ancient item lost, and good ancient item are not so easily obtained.