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  1. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 3/30/20188

    This is gonna take a while lol
  2. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 3/6/2018

    That's perfect, thank you
  3. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 3/6/2018

    Solutions can be many: as you told me in private, you don't want us to sell any kind of overpriced stuff, and that's okay. Now, you want to decrease selling? it's okay that too. But you need to give people another way of rising zenies. Selling stuff like dark horse spirit or dark Raven spirit is part of everyone's farm, now, game is unbalanced. I just sold a xHA+7 for 22k, and I don't even want to know how much it costs to withdraw an item from vault, but I suppose around 8k. Now, as i told you, alternatives could be many, but here are the main 2: 1) remove that way of making WCoins, bring back selling at previous price, but give another source for WCoins, as you said, level 3 tickets, which is quite a good idea; 2) keep WCoin trading on, decrease selling price, but increase A LOT all the dropping zenies, because how are new players ever gonna do 127 creation fruits? They require like 1kkk
  4. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 3/6/2018

    Now if I sell two high priced items I can withdraw one item from vault. GG
  5. Other rewards people could need are: tca, (elemental too) talismans of luck, (elemental too) elemental runes (packs of course), high level seed spheres, seed upgrade runes (packs, again), Radiance errtels and that little stuff which unlocks the slot.
  6. That should be because SM would be OP. By the way I totally agree with the post. Just about a couple of points I'd like to say something: Kantur USED to be top. Exactly like crywolf. They are season 4 events, that is meant to be done by 400 lvl people. Those events now belong to the past exactly like Golden Invasion: who in the world would need exc weaker than 380? Just specific characters. BUT since seed have been included, this made golden invasion competitive, this led to PvP, this made people move from the spot. What I, and maybe steffo and Reddy too, are asking for is a real motivation for everyone to move out of spot. Something like those seed, something that would lead to a PvP.
  7. Luxino

    Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    I vote for Sunday (but Wednesday is fine too)
  8. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 2/27/2018

    Watching the results I thought it was. By the way, it's working properly now, sorry for the waste of time
  9. Luxino

    [CHANGES] 2/27/2018

    Nixies exp not stacking with exp bonus %, this means I got 25k/sec basic instead of 20k/sec basic, but I have 85k/sec with moltiplicators instead of 80k/sec (before). Dunno if it's meant to be
  10. Luxino

    [Maintenance] 23.02.2018 16:00

    About off-level, will the "other items" in the obtaining tab be considered?
  11. Luxino


    Oh I see. Fact is even if it disappears/doesn't drop, the owner can't throw another for "27485837748 minutes" Edit: unless he/she relogs
  12. Luxino


    Actually I noticed sometimes it disappears and it shows you can't drop another one because evomon is still up (nowhere)
  13. Luxino

    [DROP] Mastery Item Drop Places

    Not dropping luck anymore
  14. Luxino

    [BOX] Golden Box of Kundun item list.

    What's the update?