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  1. ahahahahhah done for me
  2. 0-400 it's perfect 400-700 it's slow but ok 700-800 omg im going to die 800-920 am i dead? tooooo slow Maybe 400-800 need t obe increase to 20x and the 800-920 need to be 25?(just a proposal)
  3. i think you need help by somebody to handle in a better way the playes this is an improper to talk to them why do not elect some gm?
  4. Hi here we are in the forum first of all sorry for my english ^^ As we were saying there are a couple of suggestions to improve the game experience..... for me the exp it's too slow im starting to lose the will to play cause exping it's too hard i had everything from vip to seal or pendant and im still at 795.... ok i didnt exp for the last 4 days but cmon its too much.... the /offlevel must be better. How is possibile to die in a place that when your online its easy to stay I leave room to other players for more suggestions, have a nice day^^
  5. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    mine too thursday it's ok
  6. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    Wednesday - 21:00 is perfect