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  1. I really don t care either, since I m exping characters in order to make the maze event. I have like 5 chars at 700 and noone with recruit a friend lol
  2. ML is the problem, regular exp is perfect
  3. You change the evomon in worst, so we claimed. You said before that exp would have been improved. And it was OK for all. Now you said that you wouldn t improve exp anymore. It's another change in worst. It s not the first claim regarding exp. Your experiment is kinda absurd, cause if u promise pizza to an obese and then u give him a carrot, he gets angry. Now think about promising good improved exp and then saying "not anymore guys". It s a normal reaction
  4. I have nothing more to add. I totally agree with Sannuzzo and Prince. More exp, it's not fucking mu global it's becoming not funny at all, frustrating tho
  5. [CHANGES] 3/6/2018

    it doesn t work, i tried to sell a bundle
  6. Speaking of more events and more pvp, that would be actually a nice solution, since these bosses drop what people mostly want...
  7. @Administrator another hint. Can you put the other events (silvester, the chicken, ferea etc) every 12 hours? now for example that the chicken and silvester have been done morning due to the reboot of last day, we lost a lot of action because few people play during the week mornings
  8. I agree with everything but the stats. Please do not touch the points, the PVP and PVM would be ruined from this custom edit. I saw the update you made and I think they're quite good. Another thing is the ring with stun resistance and similar. Where these stuff drop? I understood that they were dropping during a christmas event but now i didn't see noone of them, are they still in the drop somewhere? cause I never see them.
  9. What do you mean with Jewel and skill system? Jewel and skill are going really good so far, since in order to get a good set (holy angel or dark angel) you must spend really a HUGE amount of jewels...
  10. Hello, After a while playing here we collect some opinions and I want to list them here, and I hope that our concern will take in consideration: - Kanturu Event: The drop is miserable. Kanturu event was formerly the best pvp event ever, now only few player do the event (if they remember about it) TCA is a good drop with a low drop rate, and it should stay so. But ancients are worthless. Furthermore the Hands and Balgass are weak and get shot. It would be awesome if the kanturu event will be reconsidered for more pvp and fun . - Medusa: The drop of medusa is also miserable, and it's annoying for all her companions. And cause of the drop and her annoying companions Medusa is a boss, which noone consider.s. I m not complaining about the companions, but about the drop, if the drop would be better, would be a nice boss to do and also PVP! Furthermore Medusa doesn't give wcoin anymore - Crywolf event: Dark elfs only drop zen. I think that's enough to say. The event is only balgass, and he's only one... -Double Goer - no one does it. - Selupan: the drop is actually good, but maybe seeds or something more interesting would be better. Once you do selupan 3 or 4 times, you have all the weapon you need... The server is turning on a PVM Server, everyone exp, go to ferea for symbols hunt, do evomon etc. These stuffs are great, but where is PVP? With a reconsideration of the bosses and events maybe there would PVP too. Please people, write your feedback in this post!
  11. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

    thursday is also OK for me, you can move my vote
  12. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?

  13. Hi, Is it possible to make this scroll tradeable or at least that we can drop it in safe zone? the reason is that many characters collect the pieces, but they are not good for the boss... and they cannot be used and they occupy space in inventory
  14. Hello Admin, I'm 390 ML and with Platinum VIP +Panda+Panda ring+ Seal of ascension II, exping in high level maps 24/h after level 380 II do one level a day (if I' m lucky) I saw that you improved the exp in ML 800-940, but maybe is not really enough? I mean I got all those stuff with a lot of Wcoin and I think withouth Seal of ascension II it would last maybe 3 weaks only to do 10lvl.. and this seal costs 500 WCOIN,it's not that cheap.. Could you please arrange something for the exp? like i dunno more exp in maze, more and more exp in BC and Devil Square and so on? Thanks
  15. Jewel drop rate

    jewel of chaos are not on goblin points ,