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  1. dont worry we "Lastlord" are not interested in recuit a friend anymore.
  2. we dont care about recuit a friend
  3. I suggest at least upping to 25x at least!
  4. no one is telling you that you are not working correctly, you are always up for support... the thing is that exping with this rate is really too much its slow and painful.
  5. only homeless Razr and B1tch are left from the old players so to be fully onest I dont get the old player concept
  6. well in all honesty I think a really small portion of players remained from launch...
  7. Hi there guys! As you might not know im pretty new to Mu Online, but so far I really enjoy playing on this server so my actual suggestion is if you enjoy like me playing on this server Why not take the extra Step by helping the admin out Advertizing the Server on other Forums and such so we can grow as a Community and maybe someday, who knows become one of the largest servers EU?
  8. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    I agree with Prince and if I may give an advice lets try to publicize as much as we can the server so we get more players to join.
  9. Castle Siege Time and Day of week!?