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  1. dude. we are telling you that exping is a nightmare. and you are still thinking we are asking for more exp to exploit referral to get 2k ruud? DELETE THE FUCKIN THING if it's the reason not to raise exp
  2. who cares about that
  3. the logic is that evomon change has the effect to make evomon way difficult for new people. exp change is to make game easyer. so it's the opposite. that's the logic
  4. I am not exping anymore
  5. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    yeah but ice arrow skill damage is 140 and triple shot skill damage is 35. so it's legit that icearrow deal more dmg. with sm we have the opposite situation. skill that hase lower skill damage deal more damage.
  6. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    oh, forgot about that. damn
  7. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    i think that levelling 380-400 wouldnt be that hard if player could go into deepdungeon al 770 and not 800
  8. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    maybe that's why, still very counterintuitive
  9. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    but decay basic skill damage is lower than meteor skill damage. so excelent meteor hit should deal more damage than excelent decay hit. I understand that damage output is higher with meteor cos it has multiple hit but every hit should be more powerful because basic skill damage is higher. if it's not like that i think something is not working as intended