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  1. dude. we are telling you that exping is a nightmare. and you are still thinking we are asking for more exp to exploit referral to get 2k ruud? DELETE THE FUCKIN THING if it's the reason not to raise exp
  2. who cares about that
  3. the logic is that evomon change has the effect to make evomon way difficult for new people. exp change is to make game easyer. so it's the opposite. that's the logic
  4. I am not exping anymore
  5. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    yeah but ice arrow skill damage is 140 and triple shot skill damage is 35. so it's legit that icearrow deal more dmg. with sm we have the opposite situation. skill that hase lower skill damage deal more damage.
  6. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    oh, forgot about that. damn
  7. Server Experience and couple changes yes and no.

    i think that levelling 380-400 wouldnt be that hard if player could go into deepdungeon al 770 and not 800
  8. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    maybe that's why, still very counterintuitive
  9. Meteor Strike Skill Damage

    but decay basic skill damage is lower than meteor skill damage. so excelent meteor hit should deal more damage than excelent decay hit. I understand that damage output is higher with meteor cos it has multiple hit but every hit should be more powerful because basic skill damage is higher. if it's not like that i think something is not working as intended
  10. [CHANGES] 3/6/2018

    will we be able to sell bundle of jewel for zen?
  11. [ITEM] Ancient Hero's Soul Mix

    ps: no weapons, no shields
  12. so SM teleport + skill not working is intended?
  13. that means SM will finally be fixed, being able to do teleport+skill?
  14. Totally agree. The fact is when i consider to hunt a boss i have to weight cost/effort and reward. - cost: missing time of panda, panda ring, talisman, seal, vip ecc - reward: some ancients (that i can drop easier from cc), or some exe, or some non exe weapon, 5% steel. As it is now it's not that worth to waste time to hunt bosses and that's how many people think
  15. Ok. I accept that you wont change the jol success rate that being said i suggest you to read the basic about statistic because here you got something wrong like it or not that is actually the definition of %rate also saying this is like saying: the lottery has 2 outcome, you win or you lose, so you have 50% to win.
  16. if i'm wrong than pls explain to me what is this 65%, so that i will stop complaining
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Success_rate i'll explain it in an easy way cos english is not my main language. 65% success rate means that every event has a 65% of success Ofc the various event (every jol) are not related, that means that if i fail 4 jol in a row the next one is not a guaranteed success. BUT BUT 65% percent success means that IN A POPULATION of event LARGE ENOUGHT (pe: 100jol, 200jol) the event will be successful 65% of the time. so here we are with the 65 out of 100. ofc it's statistic so it may be 66/100, 63/100 68/100 but it should be near to 65. Same thing with coins. if you throw 10 coins you could obtain 10 heads, but if you throw 10000 coins, you get more or like 5000 tails and 5000 heads. and that's cos the rate is 50% if it was 65%, we had 6500 heads and 3500 tails.
  18. i'm not saying to rise the % up. i'm saying that maybe it's not 65% if you try 100 jol if the success rate is 65% that means that more or less 65 should go, can you try that? ofc if you try more than 100 is better for the statistic
  19. i mean you cant investigate a success rate on a try