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Last update change

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From yesterday I note some change and I do not know if their are intended or not.

1-Now in offlevel pg only pick up some jewel, no exe or ancient item. Is it possible to have back ancient/exe pickup?

2-As discussed a little in the chat yesterday most Ferea spot is bad (only the op hotspot is exstremely good), the xp is higher even in k1, Could you upgrade most of the spot from 4-5 to 7-8 mob (to have xp on par with lower map at least)?

3-Same thing said above happens also in nixie.

4- Back to s12 barracks had 4 good spot where farming and exp a little, from S13 spots disappeared, it was intended?

Now the server in becaming more populated, in my opinion decresing spot made exping a pain 

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