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Slow exp and various suggestions

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Regular - 25x
Master - 15x (very easy after 770 since doors to DD is open)
Mastery - 30x (In future level will be extended to 1000 from 920)

Those are my final settings. Will be enabled tonight. There will be some issues with experience % showing near experience bar. It will be fixed in short terms i hope. So wait for updates. In next few days also awaits some client update, where party master able to summon hes party and other Season 13 feature fixes.

Keep in mind that Referral goal will increase. 

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22 hours ago, Administrator said:

yes and make monthly subscription to enter server ^^ 

Today will announce the final decision about new exp rates.

Yeah X0euro/month if server doesnt have major changes/updates every week, pvp/pvm server, lots of latinos and turkish/greek players, pvp events every day or just random pk wars in devias, no forbidden words in chat box, im in. Oh wait...2k18

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