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Hello Dear players.

To attract more players to server, before it opens, decided to make Event.
Everyone is welcome to spam about RelicMu in your country Top gaming forums.
I will provide information about server or you can make your own details.
There will be some rules what are mean to fallow.

  1. Copy my prepared information about server.
  2. For registration link you can use your referral link.
  3. Post your topic (you must format it so it looks nice, not all forum systems are same and accept same kind for formation as i have provided).
  4. Provide in this topic your in game nickname.
  5. Provide in this topic Link of your advertisment topic.
  6. Provide in this topic Screen Shot of your made topic.
  1. Spam must only in places where it is allowed (advertising forums).
  2. Topic must look visually handsome and attractive (that mean some posts might be not accepted).
  3. You can spam where it's already done, it may cause full block for me and for you.
  4. You cant use bad Language in topics.
  5. You are allowed only use true information.
  6. To get Reward, topic must stay there at least 48 hours (it must be accepted with system administrator where topic is posted).
  1. My Respect.
  2. 10 WCoins of successful post.
Information: Ragezone: http://forum.ragezone.com/editpost.php?do=updatepost&postid=8838284
Relic MuOnline Season 13
Episode 1-2 without Resets
Experience 25x, Master 15,x Mastery 30x, Quest 5x


Useful Links:



Game Configuration:



  • Experience Normal: 25x (1-400)
  • Experience Master: 15x (400-800)
  • Experience Mastery: 30x (800-920)
  • Quest Experience: 5x
  • Regular Drop: 40%
  • Excellent Drop: 10%
  • Version: Season 13 Episode 2
  • No Resets
  • Boosted PVM Damage
  • Balanced PVP Damage
  • RUUD Invasion
  • WCoin Invasion
  • Custom Features: New Invasions, New Jewels (rare reward)
  • Item Upgrade: Default (GMO) + VIP Plans
  • Improved Event Rewards
  • OFF-Leveling: Enabled
  • OFF-Trade WCoin: Enabled (Lorencia)

Website Features:



  • Achievement system - Tons of quests what will make you sweat.
  • Support Kit - Claim packages from website to help you in leveling, questing.
  • Friend Recruit - Use your referral link to get 1k ruud for each recruit.
  • Coin transfer - From account to account.
  • Promotion Codes - Free or in events won codes given from Admin.
  • Lottery - Guessing the numbers leads to great rewards.
  • Auction - Special system what allow players buy item for in-game currency.
  • Market - Player are able to sell hes items from game.
  • Dual stats - Can save up to 2 builds, and switch between them.
  • Web Bank - Store your items and Zen in website.
  • Monthly Reward - Top player from various rankings, get rewarded.

Game Improvements:



  • Reduced RUUD Shop Prices.
  • 100% Seed Upgrade.
  • 100% Seed Removal from Items.
  • 100% Socket item Upgrade to 400 level.
  • 100% Ertel upgrade for Anger, Blessing, Integrity.
  • NO-PVP Map - Aida

Guide List:



Season 12-13 Features:



  • Free Silver VIP for all new created Accounts (Duration of 7 Days)
  • Pentagram Box for Beginners (Contain beginner pentagram and 4 kind errtels)
  • Small wings for your Class (claim in website after Character Creation)
  • Panda Rings + Panda Pet (claim in website after Character Creation)
  • For lvl 200-800 Talisman of Ascension II
  • Friend Invite System (1k Ruud reward)



screen54.jpg screen50.jpg screen59.jpg screen60.jpg screen51.jpg screen57.jpg screen58.jpg screen52.jpg screen53.jpg screen55.jpg screen56.jpg



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